Win a 720°DGREE milkyBottle!

Win a 720°DGREE milkyBottle!

  • Contains no plastic unlike other water bottles
  • Stylish and long lasting
  • 750ml capacity and ideal for hot or cold drinks
  • Perfect for travel, work, sports activities and for the kids
  • No more single-use plastics please!
  Ended: 10:00PM 4th November 2019

Win a 720°DGREE milkyBottle! 

Do you drink enough of water?

Staying hydrated means staying healthy (and by proxy happy!). That's why you should drink between 1.5 and 3 litres of fluid every day, depending on your level of activity and exposure to sunlight. You know that already, however...

You don't want to carry around water bottles that are heavier and bulkier than a brick?

You have no wish to waste money on PET bottles every time you’re thirsty, and thus contribute to the global plastic waste problem?

No worries, 720°DGREE have got you covered! Try the insulated water bottle "milkyBottle" and feel the difference.

We love the design and feel of this water bottle so here’s your chance to win one of these great products from our friends at 720°DGREE who are kindly sponsoring this giveaway.

Available in different colours, the winner gets to choose which one they want (subject to availability).

Here’s the spec:

  • Precision double wall technology
  • The highest performance, the most compact vacuum bottle in its class - 30% smaller than competitor bottles with the same volume
  • Up to 30% more grippy
  • Stylish and long-lasting
  • The elegant and minimalistic design meets Foodsafe 18/8 stainless steel
  • This one’s the 750ml size and perfect for travel, work, gym & fitness or for the kids to take to school.

It’s also without any plastic contact with your drink - compared to other stainless steel water bottles, the lower piece of lid cap (that has contact with liquid) is made of stainless steel - For PURE TASTE – and FREE of BPA, BPS & phthalates.

KeepDGREE-TECHNOLOGY - 12H Hot / 24H Cold - Double walled vacuum design at the highest level. With the extra copper coating it always keeps the right temperature, all day long.

With this reusable, durable water bottle, you are actively helping to reduce rubbish production of disposable bottles. So you can help protect nature and money in the long run.

720°DGREE are sponsoring this giveaway so please take a moment to visit their store. 720°DGREE are dedicated to providing you with stylish and high-quality alternatives to PET products to battle the plague of single-use plastic.