Win a £25 eGift Card from Primark!

Win a £25 eGift Card from Primark!

  • Perfect for kids, teenager and adults
  • Affordable fashion for all the family
  • More than 180 stores across the UK
  • Clothing for every occasion
  • The new megastore in Brum has opened!
  Ended: 10:00PM 5th June 2019


Win a £25 Primark eGift Card!

We’re celebrating the opening of Primark’s new megastore in Birmingham and giving away a £25 eGift Card.

Let’s face it, high street retail is having a tough time at the moment with many big brand stores closing, downsizing, shifting to online sales because they are being squeezed by new shopping behaviour, high rents and business rates and the mother of all online shopping, Amazon.


So how come Primark is doing so well and what are the reasons for opening their biggest store this week in Birmingham, a massive 160,100 square foot and five levels of retail heaven? So, what are Primark's secrets of success?

Let’s take a look at the five key reasons behind the growth that we have identified.

Low Prices

Consistently low prices at a fraction of its rivals and don’t mistake low prices for cheap quality…in fairness, its clothing is on a par with other brands such as M&S and department stores.

The Experience

Big stores traditionally offered a shopping ‘experience’ and Primark’s latest store aims to bring that back. What’s the fun of clicking to buy when you can try the in-store Disney Café, beauty studio or barber shop? Tried getting your hair cut at Amazon?


Each year Primark routinely audits its manufacturing processes to ensure every aspect of its business adheres to Modern Slavery and child labour rules.

They limit plastic usage, provide recycling bins for your old clothes in store and use sustainable cotton in clothing. Fair play.

No Online Store

It might be quick and easy for consumers to shop and buy online but for the retailer there’s a whole backend infrastructure to operate…this costs money, IT systems, stock warehousing, order fulfilment and delivery and so on. And then there’s the returns policy which is causing havoc for the likes of ASOS and other online only stores. Primark, so far, has opted to resist online shopping…except for Gift Cards!

No Marketing

Primark claims to spend nothing on advertising, with its customers knowing exactly what they are going to get and the brand focusing exactly on what it does best. Do you really need to bring in a top name model, actor or singer and pay them £5 million per year to wear your clothes? The answer is no.

So, what are you going to buy if you win? You can still visit their website here, you simply cannot buy online. Might just be worth a trip to Brum to see what it’s all about.

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